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This means that I have no experience on the save game procedures and the processes involving to tweak the emulator of DeSmuMe i’m using. It seems that everytime I try to open a wireless connection in DS mode (be it internet use or DS-to-DS transfer mode) the connection freezes. Not the 3DS itself though, I can still press the Home button to get back to the system menu. But I can’t use Download Play with Nintendo DS games, nor can I use internet connections in DS mode. Tried it with Chrono Trigger, Picross DS and Animal Crossing.

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The games added many new things, such as breeding and a new bag system. Pokémon Gold and Silver are two role-playing video games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld.

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They are the second games in the Pokémon series, and increased the number of Pokémon to 251. The Pokémon Ho-oh and Lugia, respectively, are featured in the boxart. A special version named Pokémon Crystal, which had the Pokémon Suicune on the cover, was released around a year later. Pokemon Gold and Silver are backward-compatible with the original Game Boy , but Pokemon Crystal requires a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance.

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No, I sure as hell won’t format that, bought too many games on eShop already. Place onto your SD card, and browse to them from within the app. Like Pokémon Yellow, the player’s Pokémon can follow them. The games come with a pedometer-like device, called the Pokéwalker, that can let players walk with their Pokémon, and gain Watts, which can be used to battle Pokémon, or dowse for items.

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  • Before he started his journey through the second generation, he came across another player’s file and had an unexpected problem hit him.
  • Apparently, the game creators designed this so that your progress won’t be easily deleted by accident or on purpose.
  • | Abnormal Pokémon | Bad Egg | Enigma Berry | Error!
  • Brandon of Mammoth Gamers recently purchased a used copy of Pokémon SoulSilver.
  • If you choose to start a new game, all your previous game progress will be lost, and you won’t be able to recover it in the future.
  • Sometimes you just need to move ahead and erase old game saves.

But I just like to know to do it manually to understand the lines of the ini file. I would consider copy/pasting the content of both ini files in a reply. But I don’t see a advanced reply/post button on these boards and I don’t want to make mess of walls of text.