6 reasons why you opt for a career in Indian Civil Service

Civil Service Examination is arguably one of the toughest competitive examinations in the world. Notwithstanding the difficulties to crack the exam, the civil services of India have long been an attractive and challenging career option for ambitious and zealous individuals who have a will to serve the nation. Every year, individuals with a strong desire and determination to succeed turn their dream of getting into the service a reality.

Civil services encompass all one can aspire for. It is a career filled with irresistible perks and power. Here are the 6 reasons for why you opt for a career in Indian Civil Service

  • AGENT OF CHANGE – Civil services lets one be part of the nation’s success story. The role of civil servants as administrators, managers, facilitators and watch-guards of law and order helps materialise the development agenda of the state.  As such they can be said to decide the future of the nation.
  • ATRACTIVE REMUNERATION and ALLOWANCES- The 7th pay commission has brought the salaries of the Civil Servants at par with those in the corporate sector. In addition to the salary civil servants receive various allowances such as Dearness allowance, Leave Travel allowance , medical allowance and subsidised housing.
  • EXTRAORDINARY JOB SECURITY – It is not easy to fire an officer and the process requires extensive investigations and inquiries. The Constitution of India, through Article 311, protects and safeguards the rights of civil servants in Government service against arbitrary dismissal, removal and reduction in rank. 
  • JOB DIVERSITY- The civil services involve a diverse range of responsibilities, from maintenance of law and order to development work, disaster management, taxation works and uplift and empowerment of the weaker sections of society. 
  • POWER AND PRESTIGE – Civil services is the most prestigious and respectful job. A civil servant is the epitome of state power. It is through the civil servants the laws passed by the Parliament are implemented in India. 
  • JOB SATISFACTION – Civil services provides an opportunity to satisfy personal ambitions as well as indulge in social welfare. It gives the indivitual a lifetime chance to bring transformational changes in the society. And all the perks and benefits you get while joining the service make the job highly rewarding.


Mentor and Research wing, Lead IAS