Empower your Child to become a Good Officer

Civil Services Talent Development Courses

Habit development
Newspaper reading and discussions
Syllabus exposure
Getting to know the exam early
Analytical thinking
Better awareness and opinion building on current events
Presentation skills
Training in presentation and communication of ideas
Writing abilities
Effective writing skills in English
Smart learning
Technology enabled learning and memory boosting techniques


Civil Service Talent Development Courses

Foundation Course
One year Program designed to create curiosity and drive about civil services among 8-10th standard students
Advanced Course
Carefully crafted one year program for 11 and 12th standard students to build the knowledge foundation and skills to crack IAS exam in the future.

Why Lead IAS Junior?

We are committed to adopt an outcome based approach ensuring effective skill acquisition and knowledge base among our students

180 hours of classes and activities

Group discussions and debates

Writing workshops

Mentorship by Lead IAS faculties

Interaction with civil servants

Book review sessions

touch them if you want

learn from the best

Ajmal Shahzad
Faculty, Lead IAS
All India Rank 254 in Civil Service Exam 2019, Senior Academic Consultant in Lead IAS.
Anuroop Sunny
Faculty, Lead IAS
Interview Attended, Ethics Topper and University Rank Holder in Political Science.
Sarath S
Faculty, Lead IAS
Academic Director of Lead IAS, Well known prelims expert.
Ravi Pathak
Faculty, Lead IAS
IIT Bombay Graduate and Civil Service trainer.

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